quinta-feira, 26 de maio de 2011

Download CD: "Femme Fatale" Instrumental

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Faça dowload agora do CD "Femme Fatale" Instrumental.

Faixas do CD Instrumental:

  1. Till the World Ends
  2. Hold It Against Me
  3. Inside Out
  4. I Wanna Go
  5. How I Roll
  6. (Drop Dead) Beautiful  com Sabi
  7. Seal It With a Kiss
  8. Big Fat Bass com
  9. Trouble For Me
  10. Trip to Your Heart
  11. Gasoline
  12. Criminal
  13. Up N' Down
  14. He About To Lose Me
  15. Selfish
  16. Don't Keep Me Waiting
  17. Scary

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